The People

Ilya Eckstein

Serial Innovator

Ilya is driven by the ambition of converging technology, science and art to create superior products that resonate with people and society as a whole. To that end, he leverages his experience in startups, brain research, machine learning, big data and even performance arts. Ilya holds PhD in CS from USC/Caltech, with a postdoc in Neuroscience to boot.

Ben Enosh

Goal Machine

Ben is an experienced entrepreneur with an extensive background in leading technology companies. Co-founded and led Plymedia, Cyota (sold to RSA Security for $145M), Metrolight and Scientific G, co-director of Israel Advanced Technologies Industries. When he's not busy running statups, Ben runs Iron-Man triathlons. MSc in Bio-Engineering from Technion, Israel.

Vlad Getselevich

Chess Brain

Vlad is an expert in Natural Language Understanding and Speech Recognition with 15 years' experience, including his military service in the special 8200 Intelligence Unit. Fallen in love with the field of AI in college, he keeps building startups in the field, keen on solving the hard problems. A former champion of Israel in chess, MSc in CS from Technion, Israel.

Dan Dishbak


Dan is a serial entrepreneur with extensive background in Speech Recognition as well as leadership experience in defense and healthcare sectors. He also co-founded the cognitive computing-focused LivePattern and the cleantech innovator Spoutlock. Dan holds a BSc degree in Electrical Engineering from UNH Connecticut.

Oded Breiner


Oded is a full-stack technologist with experience ranging from mobile and web development to user experience and graphic design, to tech journalism. Prior to Robin Labs, he cofounded PixMix, a popular mobile photo-sharing service.

Russell Stewart

Deep Learning Guru

A Stanford CS PhD Candidate, Russell is all about "Deep Neural Networks eating Machine Learning". Prior to Stanford, he worked at Microsoft on the Kinect and at Mixrank on corporate espionage. Russell enjoys open source and making AI actually work.

Boris Galitsky

AI Master

Boris has been developing Machine Learning, NLP, Recommendation and other AI technologies for SV companies since 1995, e.g., notable contributions to Bing Search. On the academic front, he is a author of 70+ publications, a book on search, and is an active Apache contributor.

Zeev Belkin

Full-stack Development

Zeev is a old-time Java & mobile hacker who has been coding for more years than he cares to count. A linguistics aficionado, he has single-handedly developed Aynayn - a web-based linguistic research tool for Semitic languages, quite a few of which Zeev actually speaks.

Sergei Gurin

Mobile Development

Sergei is a driven, goal-oriented engineer and entrepreneur. Equally proficient in writing code and running teams, he is not easily tricked when it comes to delivering results. Specialties include Android as well as full-stack web development.


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